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Provincial Fishing Magazines

South-East-Fishing-MagazineEstablished in 1994 the Provincial Fishing Magazines have been well established as a guide to ideal fishing in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Highly regarded by readers and industry alike for its detailed and informative articles, the Provincial Fishing Magazines has a reputation for publishing high quality fishing journalism of interest to all types of anglers.

Delivering a combined circulation of 25,000, South East & West Fishing and North East Angler are distributed via newsagents and selected bait and tackle shops nationwide.

A realistic approach to planning a family fishing holiday or just a weekend escape with your mates, Provincial Fishing Magazines can guide you to all the great destinations whether it be from Tuross in New South Wales through to Kingston in South Australia.

North-East-Angler-MagazineAll facets of fishing are covered.

Our team of localised writers keeps up-to-date location reports on what anglers are catching on what bait.

Industry-based reviewers and photographers help capture what's hot and what's new in the angling world.

Fantastic photography inside each edition showcases the best of what this country of ours can offer.

Each magazine comes out each alternate month and has a shelf life of two months.

Between the North East Angler and South East and West Fishing, 12 informative issues appear each year.

Provincial Fishing Magazines are a great marketing platform to introduce, inform and bond with the readers who are keen to become a better angler.